Tulip, High Quality Polished Quilt Needle

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It has a big eye, and is hard to break.
It is completely smooth and highly polished.
The history of needle manufacturing in Hiroshima has begun more than 300 years ago.

5 different sizes (No.8-No.13) are available.
6 pieces of the same sized needle set.

Size No.8 / Diameter 0.53mm, Length 29mm
Size No.9 / Diameter 0.53mm, Length 27mm
Size No.10 / Diameter 0.53mm, Length 25mm
Size No.12 / Diameter 0.53mm, Length 23mm
Size No.13 / Diameter 0.51mm, Length 22mm
* No.11 is not included.

The size of "Quilt Party Original Quilting Needles" is 0.51mm diameter and 22.7mm length.
No.8 is recommended for the beginner.
The short needle such as No.13 is recommended for the experienced quilter.

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