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Orders of fabric are in units of 0.1m. Minimum order is 0.1m.
* Price is per 0.1m.
* How to enter in the quantity column: 0.1m → 1 / 0.5m → 5 / 1m → 10
* Fabric width is about 1.1m (normal size).

* It cannot be used for commercial purposes.

The customers who orders over 1m web20220219-04 will get the Japanese instruction for "Pocket Eco Bag"!

This bag is made using 1m fabrics.Linen blend fabric with an appropriate thickness (85% cotton, 15% linen) that is easy to use.
This is a print of the original illustration for Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" published in 1865.
It is printed by John Tenniel, one of the top illustrators of the time.
The illustrations in the book are lined up like a card, creating a very beautiful design.
It can be used for appliqué or patchwork by separating each pattern.
Recommended for making single-piece bags, accessories, and much more. 

The pattern is repeated every 60cm. 
Please understand that you cannot specify the pattern.

* As our product is being sold in the actual shop and the online shop in parallel, there is a possibility that it may be sold out. Please kindly cancel the order if this happens.