Quilt Japan, July (Summer) 2023 issue

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Quilt Japan, July (Summer) 2023 issue from Vogue Inc.
* "Quilt Japan" is the quarterly magazine published four times a year by Japan Vogue Inc.

Quilt with "Basket Pattern" for free fun.The major feature is "Hexagon" and "Octagon" patterns, which are the best part of patchwork, sewing geometric pieces together.
They are perfect for using small fabrics, and this magazine introduces wonderful quilts, bags, and accessories that can be enjoyed depending on the color scheme.
Other seasonal projects include "Applique Quilts of Flowers and Plants," "Hawaiian Quilts," items in indigo and stitching, and mini tapestry calendar with quilts for July, August, and September.
The new series of works by Atsuko Matsuyama and Masako Wakayama have started

The artist series includes mail order pages where you can buy kits and fabrics for the works featured by Yoneko Maruya and Sanae Kouno.
There are also plenty of pages about people who connect, exhibition reports, and michine quilt lesson, and other information pages with substantial contents.

* Note that it is written in Japanese.

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