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Keep your bathroom clean and tidy.
Good soap holder that can be fixed by setting the holder on solid soap and catching it with magnetic force.
Eliminates the hassle of cleaning the slime and cleaning the soap dish, and maintains a clean and neat wash area.
A popular item for bathrooms and kitchens, with many repeat customers.
Bar soap lasts longer too.

How to use
・Insert the jagged part of the round fitting into the soap. Insert it all the way in so that it does not come off.
- Since the tip of the main body is a magnet, it sticks to the metal fittings attached to the soap.
・Install the main unit on the wall.
*If the soap is heavy, you can prevent it from falling by placing it upwards.

Size (about): W.50mm D.65mm
Material: Stainless steel, aluminum, magnet, PVC
Country of Origin: China

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