Anchor, Cross Stitch Kit, Biscornu Small House ( Japanese instruction only )

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* This is a kit, not a completed product.
* This kit doesn't include a batting and sewing thread.
* Fabrics in the kit may differ from the sample because of a stock-out.

Very popular!
Kit of Biscornu small house that imaged the cityscape of Amsterdam.  
Not only can you use it as a pincushion, but it is also cute even if you make a lot.

It is fashionable to hang it from the neck during sewing. 
Biscornu is an octagonal pincushion, originating in France, where the name means “quirky”, “skewed” and “irregular”.

Difficulty level: Easy

Set contents: No.25 embroidery thread, lame thread, cross stitch fabric, cross stitch needle, double ring, strap metal fittings, stuffed  cotton, Japanese instruction

Finish size (about):
Blue  4.6cm L ×2.5cm W ×1.6cm D
Red   5cm L × 2.1cm W ×1.6cm D
Yellow  5cm L × 3.1cm W × 1.8cm D
Green  4.8cm L × 2.5cm W × 1.8cm D
Pink  4.8cm L × 2.1cm W × 1.6cm D
Water blue  4.4cm L × 2.4cm w × 1.8cm D

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