Anchor Embroidery Pouch A (Japanese instruction only)

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* This is a kit, not a completed product.
* This kit doesn't include a batting and sewing thread.
* Fabrics in the kit may differ from the sample because of a stock-out.

Kit of Hungary embroidery pouches, "Small Bird" or "Tulip".
Hungary is the country where each region has its own embroidery culture.

<Bird pouch>
Paroc embroidery is an embroidery technique that has been handed down from generation to generation in the Paroc region of northern Hungary, and is characterized by stitching in two colors, red and blue.
It has the traditional flower and bird motifs with fluffy satin stitches using anchor No.25 embroidery thread.
It is a caramel-shaped pouch with wide gussets that can be fully stored.
< Tulip pouch  >

"Dravaszog embroidery" is a traditional embroidery in the Baranya region in southern Hungary, and many floral patterns such as tulips are used in the design. 
This pouch has a useful pocket on the back side, and the red and white tassel is a good accent. 

Difficulty level: Medium 

Kit contents: Embroidery thtreads, outer fabric, lining fabric, fusible batting, zipper, Japanese instruction, full size pattern sheet, embroidery design

 Finish size of pouch (about): Small bird-8cm length, 24cm width, 8cm gusset width / Tulip-15cm length, 20cm width, 5cm gusset width

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