Tip Curved Scissors with Large Rings, 709 JANOME

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Tip curved scissors with large rings that can easily fit a man's fingers.
The curved edge of the blade makes it easy to apply to the surface and cut fine details.
It is useful for cutting threads during embroidery, cutting threads at the edge of threads, and cutting loose threads.
The design is made in the U.S., the stainless steel is made in Germany, and the manufacturing is done by Pakistan, which has a worldwide reputation for its medical scissors.
For plastic modeling, crafts, sewing, paper crafts, patchwork, DIY, quilting, decoration, etc.
Note: Product design, specifications, and appearance are subject to change without notice due to product improvements.

Size : 105 mm (4 Inch)

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Kerry McArthur
Kez NZ

They are really sharp and lovely to use.