Mini Duck Bill Applique Scissors, 712MD-SER JANOME

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Small applique scissors with duck bill. 
The mini duck blade supports the cloth on top, allowing you to cut neatly without damaging the fabric underneath.
Use the sharp edge of the blade to cut into the fabric before using it.
The height of the fingertips makes it easy to follow the blade when working on a flat surface, which is useful when cutting fabric at the edge close to a seam.
The fine serrated surface of the blade prevents the fabric from escaping, and allows you to cut accurately while holding the cloth firmly in place.

Designed in the U.S.A., the stainless steel is made in Germany, and manufactured in Pakistan, which has a worldwide reputation for its medical scissors.
It is useful when you want to cut appliqued fabric neatly at the edge of the seam, or when you want to reverse appliqué or mola to cut out only the top layer of fabric.
Note: Product design, specifications, and appearance are subject to change without notice due to product improvements.

Size : 105 mm (4 Inch)

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