Magnet Ruler ( for Sewing )

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Magnetic ruler that is useful as a guide for sewing straight lines.
You can chosse from three types, "Inch ruler", "Sewing machine" and "Zipper".

Use it by attaching to the throat plate of the sewing machine.
Installation and removal are very easy!
Compared to conventional metal, it is lightweight and has a structure that does not rust.
As it is firmly fixed, there is no sewing misalignment.
In addition, anti-slip processing is applied to prevent the magnet from slipping.
It is small but very convenient, and makes your sewing fun! It's an excellent product.

 Size (about): Inch ruler 2×4.4×0.9cm, Sewing machine 2.5×4.4×0.9cm, Zipper 2×4.4×0.9cm

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