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Ruler cutter that recommended for sewing quilts and jersey materials!
Cotton can be cut in layers up to about 6 sheets.

The ruler and rotary cutter merged into one.
It does not shift its position and can cut cloth and paper safely and accurately.
The 70 cm long ruler (66 cm cutting length) has easy-to-read 0.5 cm and 1 cm graduations.
The construction reduces hand pain and is ideal for kit building and cutting many fabrics.
Limited cutting depth prevents deep cuts into the cutting mat and reduces blade wear.
No screws or springs are used, so you can easily replace the blade.
When set to LOCK, the blade can be stored safely inside the blade dial cover.

* Spare blades / Compatible blades are 45mm circular blades. Pinking blades, wave blades, etc. cannot be used.

Product size: 11.5cm Width, 70cm Length, 6cm Thickness

[ How to use (Video) ]

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