Block Type Snap Tape

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The tape is made of resin, which makes little noise when opening and closing, and prevents dust from sticking to it.
The blocks press against each other to close like a snap.バ
Sew on the tape to attach.
There is no crunching sound when opening, and fibers do not stick together.
The long snap side can also be used as an adjuster to adjust the cuff.
It is good for attach to smart, functional casual bag.
It is used in "Tote Bag with Decorative Zipper".

Part of tape:21mm width × about 59cm length
Part of snap:10mm×36mm
8 blocks (4 units)
* Do not iron the snap part. (The heat from the ironing will melt it).
* When ironing the tape part, use a cloth to cover it and iron at a low temperature (110℃). 

Material: Tape: 100% polyester, Snap: Polyacetal 

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