Clover, Sticker Type Thimble

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Sticker type thimble to protect your fingers from needle tips..
Recommended for those who receive needles with bare hands and hurt their fingertips when receiving applique or other needles!
You can receive and return needles that come out under the cloth with a feeling similar to bare hands.
It has a moderate thickness to prevent the needle from sticking.

Since it uses an adhesive patch for healthcare applications, it is gentle on the skin.
It can be used several times over until the adhesive strength wears off. 

Material: Thimble-Polyurethane elastomer adhesive, Acrylic adhesive Release paper

Size:  Length 21mm× Width13mm(Thickness about 0.3mm) 24 sheets / pack(12thimble ×2 sheets)

* This thimble uses adhesives that have been confirmed to have sufficiently low skin irritation, skin sensitization, and cytotoxicity in tests conducted in accordance with ISO10993-1 biological safety evaluation guidelines (may not be suitable for some constitutional conditions, such as allergies).

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