Clover, Craft Loupe, (1.6x & 2.0x Power), Magnifying Glasses Type

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Design and function have been renewed!
Clean and sharp lens shape!
Available in two calm colors with the design that is easy to wear and looks like glasses. 

The lens has a hard coating that prevents scratches.
Lens function: 25% blue light cut, 99% UV cut.
Set of 2 interchangeable lenses (1.6x & 2.0x)
* It can be used depending on what you are looking at.

* Not compatible with older craft magnifying glass lenses.

Available in two calm colors,Smoky pink that brightens your face and smoky gray for both men and women
The frame is made of TR-90 polyamide resin, which is lightweight and has a soft texture. 

It looks big and makes detailed work easy, so it's perfect for sewing, knitting, patchwork, embroidery, and other handicrafts in general.
The lens can be flipped up, making it convenient for temporarily viewing other things.
You can also wear it over your glasses.

Set contents: Frame 1.6x power lens and 2.0x ower, Case, cloth for cleaning glasses

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Customer Reviews

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Diane Lithgow
craft glasses

i love these glasses and this is the second pair that i have purchased/been given. i broke the nose on the first pair and was haertbroken that it could not be fixed.

Reema Al Malik
Great Buy

I need reading glasses and doing embroidery and beadwork puts great strain on my eyes, so I always use a large magnifying glass/ lamp to work. Unfortunately its heavy and can’t carry it around when I go out. These glasses have solved my problem because they are just as powerful and small and I can wear them over my usual glasses without issue. I love how it comes with two lenses of different powers in the same box; very generous of the manufacturer, sonce many companies would have sold them separately for more profit. It also comes with a convenient case. I just love it.