Clover, Slash Cutter ( 57-505 )

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Slash cutter that must have for making slash quilts.
"Slash quilt" is a technique in which several layers of fabric are layered, stitches are sewn in the bias direction with a sewing machine, and cut between seams with slash cuuter, leaving only the bottom layer, and washed and dry.

Both straight and curved guides are included in it.
The guide can be exchanged and used for both slash quilts (for the interval of seams of 6mm or more).

[Ratchet mechanism to securely fix the blade]

The ratchet mechanism that prevents the blade from rotating when pressed.
The blade does not rotate, so the fabric does not get caught between the guide and the blade, and the piled fabrics can be cut neetly.

[16 division pitch feed to keep sharpness]
When the blade becomes difficult to cut, it clicks and rotates one pitch to maintain sharpness.
That makes it easy to know when to replace the blade.

Size of product (about): Length 23cm, width 9.5cm, thicness 2.5cm

Handle: ABS Resin, Elastomer
Holder: Polyacetal
Blade: Steel

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