[ 20%OFF / SALE ] Corner Pocket Eco Bag with Drawstring Pouch, Linen(100%), (Japanese Instruction only)

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* This is a kit, not a completed product.
* This kit doesn't include a batting and sewing thread.
* Fabrics in the kit may differ from the sample because of a stock-out.

Kit of eco bag made from wide-width natural linen fabric.
The selvage is used in the opening edge of the corner pocket.
The red sashiko stitch is a good accent.
The red drawstring pouch is very simple, and easy to make.

Difficulty level: Easy

Kit contents: Linen fabric for bag and pouch, button, wax cord, embroidery thread, sashiko thread, Japanese instruction, photograph 

Finish size (about):
Eco-bag  30cm length, 41cm width, 14cm gusset width
Drawstring pouch  15cm length, 10cm width, 5cm gusset width

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