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High Quality Hiroshima Needles wrapped in Chiyogami made by Haibara, a long-established Japanese paper company.

Needles are supple yet durable, and manufactured in Hiroshima, a city with a 300-year history of high-quality needle production. Rigorous quality control ensures unified thickness and length of needles, and their ability to pierce cloth with ease.

The package is specially made with Haibara Chiyogami. Chiyogami is a traditional Japanese paper with patterns printed on it. Haibara is a traditional create original designs for their Chiyogami through their 200-year business history. Three types of patterns were carefully selected among the many patterns of Haibara, and reprinted in Cohana's original colors.

Recommended as a gift together with "Haibara Chiyogami Needle Threader", which uses the same Chiyogami for its handle.

[ Sashiko Needles ]
Long needles are recommended for large stitch patterns. Short needles are recommended for detailed designs. Sharp tip for smooth insertion into fabric.

KUMIKI : Wooden Puzzles
Fun geometric pattern with a motif of Japanese traditional craft wooden puzzles.
Producing Regions : Kanagawa & Osaka

[ Cross Stitch Needles ]
Round tip for smooth insertion and glides through fabric. Large needle hole for easy threading.

HYOTAN : Gourds
This pattern represents the abundance of fruitfulness, and is auspicious for good luck and good fortune to ward off misfortune.

[ Embroidery Needles ]
Sharp tip to pierce easily even high-density fabrics. Excellent for most embroidery stitches.

ONAGADORI & BOTAN : Long-tailed Roosters & Peonies
This gorgeous pattern depicts long-tailed roosters and peonies, which are symbols of wealth, nobility, and prosperity.

Chiyogami | HAIBARA Co., Ltd. / Nihonbashi,Tokyo
Haibara is a traditional Japanese paper Washi company in business for more than 200 years in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Since its establishment in the late Edo period, the company has commissioned illustrators and artists of the time to create original designs for their chiyogami. The prints are available even today.
Haibara Chiyogami has been loved by many people throughout the ages. During the Meiji period (1868-1912), when Japan was civilized and opened to the world, its exquisite beauty was highly appreciated in foreign countries, and it played a role in driving Japonism in Western Europe.

[ Product Size ]
Sashiko Needles (Thickness Length)
0.84mm×42.0mm 2 pcs
0.99mm×44.5mm 2 pcs
0.84mm×51.5mm 1 pc

Cross Stitch Needles (Thickness × Length)
0.86mm×39.0mm 2 pcs
0.86mm×42.5mm 2 pcs
.06mm×45.5mm 1 pc

Embroidery Needles (Thickness × Length)
0.71mm×36.0mm 2 pcs
Threading guideline for size 25 embroidery thread: 2 to 3-stand
0.76mm×39.0mm 2 pcs
Threading guideline for size 25 embroidery thread: 3 to 4-stand
0.84mm×42.0mm 1 pc
Threading guideline for size 25 embroidery thread: 4 to 5-stand
* All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions and weight of the product may slightly vary.

[ Handling Precautions ]
* Each sheet of chiyogami is printed by hand, so the pattern and colors may be different from each other. Please enjoy it as a texture.
* Chiyogami is made of paper so fading, discoloration, and deformation may occur due to water, friction, humidity, and ultraviolet rays.
* Chiyogami may peel off when wet.
* Friction may cause color migration.
* The needle tip is sharp and dangerous. Be careful for loss and handling the needle.
* Wipe off sweat and grease with a cloth after use.
* Do not use for anything other than sewing.
* Please keep out of the reach of infants.

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